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Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Anabel Quintanilla

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Welcome to my site, I’m excited you’re here! I believe everyone deserves to live a life free from from physical, emotional and financial fatigue so they can live vibrantly and let their light shine. My mission is to help you fulfill your life’s purpose through a powerful combination of transformational coaching + essential oils (and other natural solutions). I help you discover your strengths, teach you to celebrate victories, overcome challenges, and live & lead from the heart.

Personal Health Coach

I am constantly on-the-go (as I would imagine you are, too)! Therefore nourishing my body with colorful foods, plenty of water and essential supplements is what I need to help support my health and extra-busy life – as well as that of my entire family!

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Yet this has not always been the case. I know what it’s like to be overweight, unhappy, and in need of LOTS of sugar to power-through the day. I over-exercised and yo-yo dieted from the age of 18 through to the age of 35 when I discovered the value and the ease of proper nutrition.

dōTERRA Essential Oils are a daily part of my healthcare regimen and they will work wonders in your life, too. These are powerful tools that support your body’s natural ability to heal and function optimally because of their beneficial and therapeutic properties. The way that they interact with the trillions of cells in your entire body is backed by science and quickly becoming another HOLISTIC WAY to promote ultimate physical & emotional wellness by healthcare professionals worldwide, many of which I’m educating as part of my wellness team!

TOOLS. We all need tools. Mine consist of nourishing foods (like fruits, veggies, lean proteins, and healthy fats) to help support my body’s natural vibrancy. Smoothies are a great way to switch up your diet, that’s why I’ve prepared a handout of My Favorite Delicious Smoothie Recipes that you can dowload directly onto your device. CLICK ON THE IMAGE and whip up a batch today!

Tap Into Your Personal Power

Helping women discover their greater purpose and create a life that enables them to focus on all that matters is a mission of mine. I use what I’ve learned from my own personal experiences + my professional expertise to guide you on your journey. I help you discover your strengths, teach you to celebrate victories, overcome challenges, and live & lead (yourself and others) from the heart.

To help take my vision to a whole new level, I founded Health and Vida in early 2016, which I operate as CEO out of my home is Las Vegas, Nevada where I reside with my husband and 5 young-adult kids. Entrepreneurship has taught me much, most importantly that EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE when commit to your vision and show up ready to serve & grow every day.


As a Transformational Coach and Board Certified Drugless Practitioner, I have created specialized coaching programs that make complicated processes doable and empowering. Together, you and I will work regularly in a private setting to help you achieve what matters most in your life. There will be much that you’ll get to experience (like new ways of dealing with emotions, new foods, nutritional supplements, and action items that will help stretch you into the person you’re meant to become), and I will be there to guide you every step of the way. In as little as 12 weeks, you will feel like a beautiful new person has emerged from within – stronger and more capable of love, peace and greater health than ever before.

Do you have a passion for helping others improve their lives? Join me and my team of wellness advocates as we work together to improve the look & feel of healthcare across our communities in a natural and empowering way. I’ve used essential oils to support my own personal healing, that of my loved ones, my clients, and my business and I know they will do the same for you.

As your leader, I will equip you with the tools you need learn the many benefits of essential oils as well as how to run a full-time or part time business by sharing the power of oils with others. Our mission as Health and Vida Wellness Leaders is to educate, equip and empower others to trust in the power of plants. We are proud to be dōTERRA Wellness Advocates and part of the heart-centered global movement that is positively impacting the world on both sides of the bottle. All those called to serve are welcome!

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