Why Self-Care is a Must

Self-Care is the art of taking care of your physical, mental and emotional needs and it is VITAL for your wellbeing! Watch or read below to learn the top 5 benefits that come with taking care of your needs, and how to go about making this practice a non-negotiable.  Schedule your Breakthrough Session with me to learn how coaching and the use of essential oils can help YOU live a more vibrant life!

5 Reasons Why Self Care is So Incredibly Important

Reason #1 is that it makes you more productive. When your to-do list is four pages long and you constantly find yourself not making it past item six or seven, productivity becomes truly important. Imagine having the energy to get a lot more done, and not feeling totally drained at the end of the day! Muscling through the busyness of your day is not as effective as recharging your batteries and working with clean fuel.


Reason #2 is that it makes you more resistant to diseases and illnesses. As a health coach, I work with so many different women who are able to transform their immunity, digestion and other vital processes because their central nervous system says, “I’m fine! I’m great! No need for inflammation! Bring on the energy! Get rid of the chronic fatigue! Everything is well!” Stress is the biggest trigger for many conditions – and usually the first thing that decreases dramatically with proper self-care.


Reason #3 is that it boosts your self-confidence and your self-esteem. Imagine what you’re going to be able to do when you have more confidence and your self-esteem is on point! Boosting confidence is what you need and you can do that just by being a little bit more caring to your Self.


Reason #4 is that it improves self-knowledge. It lets you take that deep look inside and discover the things that make you come to life. Those things that make you feel vibrant and that make you feel like you are living your true purpose. Self-knowledge helps you identify the building blocks of your every-day-decisions, as well as those life-changing ones.


Reason #5 is that it makes you more compassionate towards other. It allows for more love in your heart, especially when you find yourself constantly giving and giving. Imagine being able to GIVE with compassion, with love, and with understanding because you have taken care of your needs first. Imagine the kindness!


Making Self-Care a Non-Negotiable

Start by identifying the kinds of things that you’re going to be doing…

You could sit down with a favorite book and a favorite blanket. You can watch a movie. Maybe you can go out and spend some time with your friends. Spend time with your loved ones. Maybe some time with your “Self”, your thoughts and your feelings. You can go hiking. You can go to your favorite restaurant. You can go to the lake by yourself or with some friends.


Self-care also looks like manicures and pedicures. It looks like chiropractor appointments on a regular basis! It looks like Pilates classes on a regular basis! It looks like you going for a walk, or going to your favorite Zumba class or swim class!


All of the little things that you think you don’t have time to do because you are being pulled in a million different directions. Maybe it’s a demanding job. Maybe you have a spouse and a family, and homeowner problems. These priorities should be priorities, AND so are your needs.


Your needs must come first on a regular basis. Saying, “I’m going to try to find some time” or “I’m going to hopefully find some time” is just as ridiculous as saying, “I’m going to try to find some time to feed the kids” or “I hope I find some time to go to work” or “I hope I find some time to take a shower!” Switch the level of importance in your brain! Make the time the way that you make time for everything else that you do.


Write your appointment down on your calendar. If it is not scheduled, it will not happen. If it’s not on the calendar, it doesn’t exist. Blocking off time for the event or activity is a must! Make it as important as you would a wedding! If you are planning on getting married, you select a date and a time way in advance, right? You leaving nothing to chance – showing up for your wedding is a non-negotiable!


Engaging Others

Tell others that this is going to happen. “Hey, honey, on Friday at two o’clock, I have a nail appointment.  I’d love it if you picked up the kids that day. If you can’t, I’d love it if you asked the neighbor, your sister, or your mom because this appointment is a non-negotiable.”


Avoid resistance by letting others involved know what’s in it for them. “If I go and get my hair done, I’ll feel sexier on our date. If I feel sexier on our date, you might get lucky!” Something like that!


Lastly, find a partner that will keep you accountable to your new program! Together you can make sure that you do what you commit to doing for your Self.


Essential Oils for Support

Using essential oils to boost your confidence and to help you feel grounded is a great idea! Ground yourself into the belief that taking care of your self is super important. Some of the top oils to help you prioritize your needs are:

  • Balance Blend for grounding
  • InTune Blend for focus
  • Rose for divine love
  • Bergamot for self-acceptance
  • Geranium for love and trust
  • Ginger for empowerment

We’ve covered a lot today! And I want to remind you that you are not alone on this journey toward wellness. I would be honored to be your Holistic Health and Essential Oils Coach and support you on your path toward abundant health!

Ready to learn more about the benefits of health coaching and the use of essential oils to help you live a cleaner and vibrant life? Schedule your Breakthrough Session at www.healthandvida.com/book-your-session.

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