The Ritualistic Brain

“Welcome back to blogging, Anabel! Where have you been?” I asked myself this question as I sat down to get my thoughts on paper. The answer still has me nodding my head in astonishment.  

Picture this: A relaxing blend of essential oils misting out of my diffuser, Elton John or Pepe Aguilar (yeah, I’m diverse that way!) playing on Amazon Music, and a tall glass of a jammy Old Vine Zinfandel in my hand to help get my creative juices flowing as I plop down in front of my computer screen to write. The more I drank, the more creative I felt. The more creative I felt, the lesser the fear of writing a boring blog. I feared being boring so I sipped on glass after glass of liquid courage as I wrote about things like stress or the importance of practicing good health. Oh, the irony!

If you know me, you know about my relationship with wine. You also know that I have struggled with my health and weight for years, but you may not know about the battle that would take place in my mind when I would try to figure out how to marry wine and wellness.

Coach Anabel

Being a coach and working with my own coaches has helped tremendously with my personal health transformation and I soon discovered that my body enjoys being clean and sometimes rebels if I give it anything more than a glass of wine or other form of booze. As great as that discovery was, the even bigger epiphany came when I realized that in the process of learning to keep from over-indulging, I had also given up most of what I used to do while drinking – social hour, cooking for fun, date night, and blogging. I simply did not know how to do one without the other so I just QUIT!

You see, the brain is so efficient that it creates patterns for everything and these patterns tell us how to act or react to any given circumstance. My brain KNEW that Diffuser + Music + Wine = Blogging.  Naturally, when I removed wine from my day-to-day life it and it no longer fit into the equation, my brain didn’t see how it was possible to complete this task unless it had all 3 pieces of the puzzle because that was the ritual I had created around blogging.  MIND BLOWING!!!  Of course, I immediately went to work on creating a new ritual that would allow my brain to feel safe enough to blog without vino in hand. Tonight’s placebo is a cold glass of kombucha – and I’m LOVING IT!

The Efficient Brain

It is worth mentioning the brain’s efficiency here again because you, too, have PATTERNS, ACTIONS, HABITS, RITUALS – whatever you want to call them – that are running your life and dictating your results. Are you happy with these results?  If so, have a great day! If not, then ask yourself what you want to be experiencing instead. Let me break it down this way:

My Old Belief: I can only write creatively when I drink

My Old Ritual: drink lots of wine while writing

My Old Result: failing health; upset stomach; headaches, etc., etc.

My New Belief: if the reader finds value in what I am saying, they will read it even though it’s not Pulitzer Prize material!

My New Ritual: listen to my body and give it what it needs to stay energized and focused while I write (maybe cold water with a little lemon or a glass of kombucha)

My New Result: staying on track with my health and continue being an example rather than a warning to the people I serve.

Updating my beliefs helped me get back to writing without pressure or fear. I am who I am and I am enough. I also still really enjoy wine and find that I appreciate its delicateness and complexity more so when I drink it today than when I have in the past. Isn’t that beautiful?!

Go ahead and cheer! I know this mindset stuff is pretty awesome! And I also know that it is strong enough to help you update your habits so that you can start enjoying the results you want rather than complaining about being STUCK and not knowing why or how to move on.

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