The Curse of the Diet Lingo

Copy-of-Curse-of-the-Diet-Lingo“Fell off the bandwagon. Cheat Day. Calorie-counting. How many points in this? Low-carb. Is it really worth it? Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. High Protein.”

That, my dear, is diet lingo. You’ve definitely heard it and might have even used it yourself. Personally, I was cursed with it for YEARS and it wasn’t until recently that I adopted a completely new vocabulary; one that’s magnificently more empowering than the canned statements that came out of my mouth depending on the diet of the week. No two people are alike, so why would you think that a standard set of bylaws can be applicable to the masses?

Let me jump right in. Using Diet Lingo does not work. At least not long-term… First of all, the more you tell yourself that you “can’t” or it’s “not allowed”, the more you want to indulge. Right? Second, it limits your thinking to a set of rules that are imposed by authors who title themselves as “experts”. Here’s a question for you: Is there anyone else in the world who is a greater expert on what YOUR body needs than you? I’m not talking about medical professionals or holistic practitioners, of course they can tell us about the inner workings of the anatomy and what is best for human beings. I am a Health Coach myself and know a thing or two (modestly speaking) about nutrition and lifestyle. What I am truly asking is does anyone know you better than you know yourself? I’m going to guess that the answer is probably “No.”

So if you know yourself better than anyone knows you, what will happen when you start listening to your body and paying attention to the cues that it gives you to indicate what it needs? Your body is intelligent enough to tell you when it’s hungry, thirsty, tired, gassy, sick, full, energized, and so forth. The communication is there – loud and clear – except you have turned off the volume and are not listening to its messages for whatever reason. Fear not! Tuning in again can be a very simple process!

You might think that the following is a bit hokey, but I encourage you to keep reading and give it a try.

Form a relationship with your body. Communicate with your body parts; like actually speak to them. If you’re dealing with an old thought that keeps repeating itself in your brain, place your hands on your head and talk to your brain. If your stomach is a little wonky, place a hand over your belly and tell it that it will be OK; tell it to release whatever is making it feel sick. If your symptoms are a result of poor food choices, I suggest that you apologize to your tummy for what you fed it!

Your body sends you signals when it needs water or a nap. Learn to recognize these to avoid confusing the sensation with physical hunger because this is one of the triggers that results in overeating. Eat slow, chew your food, put your fork down, and watch the hunger meter that indicates whether you’ve eaten just the right amount of fuel to make it through to the next meal or if you need a few more bites.

Imagine yourself going to dinner without the fear of guilt following your meal. Or celebrating amongst family and actually participating with the feast rather than limiting yourself to what’s allowed as part of your “diet”. There is something truly empowering about being able to ENJOY foods that you and your body love and being able to say “thank you but no thank you” to anything more than what your body needs.

None of this is available in a manual therefore the conversations that you have with your body become VITAL as they help us illustrate your blueprint for ultimate success. Does it take work? Of course! But getting to know yourself while you discover what works and what doesn’t will be one of the most rewarding journeys of your life!

I’d love to talk to you some more about your specific needs and why you might find yourself stuck. More importantly, it would be an honor to help you discover what will help you start releasing some of your unwanted weight and discomfort – once and for all!  Schedule your Breakthrough Session by clicking here!

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