Blueprinting Your Ultimate Desires Journal


Getting what you want in life requires 3 basic things! Most people do not understand what they are, and therefore find themselves unable to make much progress. I created this journal to move myself and my clients past STUCK and FRUSTRATED, and I trust that you will also experience incredible growth when you use it as it is intended.

This simple 90-day journal is going to create momentum in your life because it:

  • helps you understand the difference between a desire, a goal and an action item;
  • prompts you to choose what you want to work over a 90-day period;
  • creates a space where you capture the vital information that keeps your vision at the forefront of your thoughts;
  • connects your daily actions to that which you want most!

There’s nothing more enlightening that knowing what you’re working toward and why it’s so important! The simplicity and effectiveness of this journal will blow you away once you start manifesting experiences that you once only dreamt about!


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