Fast and Faster – How Operating This Way Hurts Your Health

Speaking from experience, it feels that life is passing by on turbo speed and we believe that it’s important to keep up the pace. Our two modes of operation are Fast, and Faster. We strategize for weeks (and sometimes months) on the activities that we can cram onto our calendar to stay productive and effective. We pencil in “down-time” only to have that replaced by a last-minute invitation or client who needs our attention.

As a small business owner, I know the importance of being available and ready to say “yes” to potential income. I’ve worked the 14+ hour days for months at a time to stay on top of my obligations – all while simultaneously running a busy household! Did operating at this speed get me more money or more clients? Not consistently.


CRASH! Is the statement that comes to mind when I think about what I got in return. That numbness you get when you’re running from one commitment to another and you don’t even know how you’re still upright. The dissonance that keeps the hamster spinning in your head at night while your body is screaming for sleep. CRASH! The dread that comes over you when it’s 6pm and you just want to crawl into bed but you still need to feed the dog (and maybe yourself) and shower and play nice with others at home.

I was feeling downright crappy for several months last year. I went to several doctors and payed a small fortune in deductibles and copays only to hear, “Your vitals are great. There’s nothing wrong with you, Mrs. Q (‘cause they can NEVER say my last name). I’m not sure why you’re feeling this way. Everything looks normal. Get plenty of rest and continue eating what you’re eating.” They couldn’t explain my random symptoms!

At times, I felt like someone had shoved their hand right through my chest and was squeezing my heart.

I couldn’t yawn without the sides of my mouth RIPPING open.

I’d recover from one cold only to catch another.

Sometimes I’d sleep up to 12 hours straight, wake up to eat, then take a nap shortly after.

I ate olives (hint: salt cravings) at just about every meal – no joke, ask people.

Coffee? There was never enough.

Being totally vulnerable, this was a very embarrassing and frustrating time. Nothing infuriated me more than hearing, “but you’re a health coach, you’re supposed to be healthy.” I was trying and I was failing!


How This All Began

Honestly, lack of balance and self-discipline. If I took a day off from work, I’d occupy it with house chores and errands. If I planned a trip to visit family out of town, I’d take advantage of the time there to host classes. If I sat down to watch a movie, I’d plan my social media content for the month. The point is that I was always working.

If I wasn’t working, I felt lazy.

If I wanted to sleep in, I’d 5-4-3-2-1 myself out of bed. (I’m not blaming Mel Robbins.)

If I gave myself time off during the day, I’d work through the night or on the weekend to catch up.

I abused myself and blamed it on growth and development.

I knew there was something wrong and I thought I could figure it out on my own. I didn’t and I got worse.

Bring On The Healing

Healing began after consulting with a naturopathic specialist and with my chiropractor who identified my symptoms as the cause of adrenal dysfunction and severe vitamin deficiencies.

They tasked me with learning how to make MY HEALTH a priority. This meant no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no dairy, no gluten. I was to eat plenty of nutritious meals (which I had all wrong based on what my body was lacking), focus on restorative exercise, declutter my life and say “no” to energy-sucking activities (and people!).

Basically, everything that I had been teaching my clients to do I now had to do for myself!

Within ONE week of starting the program, I felt a noticeable difference. I’d forgotten how great it feels to feel great. (That’s the problem! We get so accustomed to feeling sick that we don’t recognize when we feel sicker. Does that make sense?)


Mother Nature is a Genius!

I was put on a strict regimen of vitamins, minerals and superfoods, which I complemented with essential oils and adaptogens like ashwaghanda, rhodiola, maca, and medicinal mushrooms.

I made a personalized blend of essential oils that includes Basil, Lavender, Thyme and other oils. I rub the “Adrenal Love” above the kidney area and on the bottom of my feet morning and night to help support my recovery.

My day begins with dōTERRA’s Balance Grounding Blend. I add a few drops to the palm of my hand, rub and inhale deeply before applying to my 3rd eye and meditating on my intention for the day.

When things start to get a little cray-cray during the day, I inhale Lavender or Wild Orange straight from the bottle to calm my senses and avoid feeling overwhelmed.

I support my body’s natural detoxing abilities by adding a few drops of Lemon to my water and drink throughout the day.

My night-time ritual is my favorite! That’s where you’ll find me unwinding in my backyard, reading a book that no-doubt one of my sisters gave me (we do that, give each other books) before heading upstairs to a room filled with the scent of Serenity + Cedarwood misting from my diffuser. MAN! Talk about a good night’s sleep!

As For My Calendar

It’s a lot cleaner now that I’ve learned to be more protective of my time. I’m a bit more selective about whom I choose to work with. I run client prospects through my 10 Paradigms of Healthy Living; if they agree, we work together. If they don’t, “hasta la vista, baby”.

What It’s Really About For Me

My greatest take-away from this experience: I can’t do all the great and wonderful things that I’ve envisioned for myself, my family, my company and my clients if I’m depleted and miserable. Health and Vida (that means “life”, people) is what it’s about, and I intend to enjoy them vibrantly.

Are You Going Through The Same Thing?

There’s an easy way to start your discovery process. Take the Adrenal Level Quiz and find out how you rate with your stress load. Anything less than Thriving (stressed, wired and tired, or crashed) can lead to serious health concerns.

Schedule your private Wellness Consultation with me to discuss your results and unique stressors. Together, we’ll develop a plan that will move out of “surviving” and back into thriving!

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