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Everything is connected.

I’ve been a wellness coach for several years and have seen and heard a lot of stories about struggles from my clients. The SECRET to their secret has been their ability to CONNECT what’s happening on the outside with that taking place on the inside, and vice versa.

Achieving Bliss is a two-part system that I designed to help you nourish your body and heart in a way that helps you understand the messages your health is trying to send. Nothing is ever an accident, and most of you are ignoring the warning signs all around you. It’s time to STOP, listen and take new action!

Improving your physical health only happens if you strengthen your thoughts, feelings, and reactions to life.

Improving your emotional health only happens if you choose nourishing foods, move your body and get plenty of restorative rest.

Everything is connected – you can’t affect one without affecting the other. Which is why “Achieving Bliss” is going to have you look at everything that is impacting your life.

We’ll do this is in a very gentle way…

There is a rundown of what you will do daily, and how you will begin stacking habits on a weekly basis; everything is spelled out in detail for you in the TWO guides that you’ll receive as part of the program.

The Cleanse Guide.

The Meditation Guide.

The Cleanse Guide: the what, the what not, the when of foods and drinks. Also included here are meal suggestions, links to recipes, cleanse-enhacing activities (detox baths, hydration, and more). It’s a 30+ page ebook that I compiled using techniques I’ve been practicing for years.

The Meditation Guide: daily exercises to connect with your inner self on a deeper level. Heartfelt meditation exercises that can be done in minutes. I tell you if it’s a morning or evening meditation. I tell you which oil(s) to use. I tell you how to use them. It’s powerful. And it begins in Week 2 so if you’re not ready for heavy stuff while you’re trying to stay away from the soda pop, you need not worry. (I got you!)

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