6 Easy Steps to Help You Make Better Choices

It was a normal weekday at the grocery store, just another visit for the usual goodies that would keep my family well-fed for the next few days, yet something was different about the energy I sensed while in line to pay.  Something was different about the conversation taking place between the cashier and the gentleman in front of me. I usually hear people complaining about the wait, or whining about the price of an item or an expired coupon, yet I heard none of that this time. This was a POSITIVE conversation and it caught my attention! I listened in on their dialogue and heard the gentleman say that he’d lost 165 pounds. I blurted out a giant, “Congratulations! May I ask how you did it?” Woody (that’s his name) happily shared about how he’d found his health slipping fast, so he decided to change the way he ate and enlisted the help of his gorgeous girlfriend, a personal trainer, to accomplish his goal to stay alive.

Smiles were flowing as Marla, the cashier who was ringing us up, chimed in to share her story about her battle with anorexia at a younger age. Her condition was so severe that when she gave birth to her daughter at the age of 24, Marla only weighed a scary 98 pounds and was too weak to even breastfeed her newborn. It took her close to 9 years before she fully embraced her body and celebrated better health, but her strong will and determination to live and give her daughter a good life helped her navigate through her transformational journey!

Next to us was Holly, curiously listening in on the cheers that we were exchanging.  She joined in on the picture that Woody and Marla agreed to take for this blog post – why not?  The more the merrier!  Too shy to share her story, Marla filled me in on Holly’s survival of a very abusive childhood and on what an incredible mom and person she is today.  I can attest to how great of a person I think Holly is because there hasn’t been a time where she has greeted me with anything less than a genuine, friendly smile.


Woody, Marla, and Holly – those smiles say it all! Thank you for being such an inspiration.

Three unique individuals, none of whom I may ever get to know more in depth and all with one common denominator – the choice they made to experience something better. Woody, Marla, Holly, YOU, me, and most people in the world, we all walk through life making dozens of decisions throughout the day, even though it may not always appear that way. For example, squeezing in a workout into our busy schedule is a result of choosing to be physical and move our body. If we practice the opposite, it is because we chose it to be that way. When a situation arises and we do nothing about it, it is because of a decision we made to do nothing about it. We can choose to demonstrate love and compassion to someone who has disappointed us rather than deciding to express anger and frustration toward them. We have the choice to be proactive or complain about our circumstances.

Even those things on our “have-to” list are choices; things like going to work, paying the bills, cleaning the house, etc. We choose to do them because of something we ultimately want to experience, like being financially secure or being a responsible adult or feeling a sense of pride in our environment. Our sophisticated brains have mastered these routines that it may be easy to miss seeing them as decisions. But they are just that – choices that we make regularly! It should encourage us to know how adept our brain can be once we give it the tools it needs to help us develop the internal confidence so that we can choose to experience something better.

The choices that we make are particularly important when they impact our health, wellness and those around us. Yet, I know how overwhelming it is to make improvements when we’re stuck trying to figure out HOW, which is why I’ve decided to bottom-line it and share a simplified recipe for achieving big things with tiny steps.  Tried and tested, these action items have worked in almost every area of my life.

        1. Decide WHAT you want.
        1. Decide WHEN you want this.
        1. Decide WHY you want this.
        1. Decide WHO (if anyone) you want to include in this.
        1. Make one small choice at a time to move you closer to what you want.
        1. Repeat Step 5 several times throughout each day.

Can it really be this simple? Absolutely! Anything is possible and there is always a way. It starts with the decision to experience better health, a better career, a better life.

If what you want (or can’t figure out what you want) requires a bit more structure, support and accountability, the next step in discovering your greatness is the choice to say “YES” to a Breakthrough Conversation.  Decide to discover what having better health and energy will do for your body and your life TODAY!